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Our S'drawsome Story

Meet the Goerndt siblings, inventors of S’draw®, the original threaded, extendable stainless steel to-go straw.

As kids of immigrant parents, we were inseparable. We grew up on a small orchard and were taught to respect nature, see beauty in all creatures and be mindful of our planet. Our parents have always been extremely supportive of any life path that each of us chose to take. Vielen Dank Mama und Papa!

So, we chose our paths…

Kerstin’s path in the travel industry led her to living and working in many parts of the world, giving her the unique experience of combining her love of travel and working with adventure seekers. As a destination manager, her work included coordinating customized travel packages with large resorts and boutique hotels for individuals and tour groups.

Sigi’s path in design goes beyond apparel, having worked in all aspects of product development, from creating concepts to product production and building brand aesthetics with marketing strategies.

Yvonne’s path led her to the music industry, where she found that many artists needed help with logistics in order for them to focus on their creative process. She developed an organizing business with a passion to create a sense of fluid functionality and calm for her clients.

Having spent many years apart, our paths brought us back together in Austin, TX. Combining all of our life and work experiences, we founded Mystic Hula, LLC. Recognizing a need for a high-quality eco-friendly alternative to disposable straws, the most versatile all-purpose drinking straw was born! S’draw® and LeSips Cocktail & Mocktail Collection. Extendable. Sustainable. Modern. Relevant. Travel-ready. Easy to clean. Extra durable. Interchangeable components.

Proudly LGBTQ & Women-Owned

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