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Can Do Attachable Extension

Can Do stainless steel 2 1/2" attachable extension, threaded at both ends to add on to your S'draw® mouthpiece

Can Do Attachable Extension

SKU: MH1014
  • Can lids can be filthy! This modern, simple, planet-friendly alternative to the evil plastic straw is the best solution for can drinkers! With the Can Do extension attached to your S'draw®, your lips will no longer connect with dirty can lids, and who wouldn't welcome that! The Can Do extension allows you to pick an extension length that works for you.

    The food grade stainless steel Can Do extension is easy to clean and attach. It is threaded at the bottom, so you can attach the seed strainer too!

    A percentage of your purchase price will be donated to an environmental cause. Thank you!

    • Made of food-grade stainless steel
    • Can Do extension piece is 2 1/2" long and threaded at both ends
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Because metal conducts heat, we do not recommend use with hot liquids


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